Breaking the Vicious Cycle
   The Solution
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   Chapter 1
   Elaine Gottschall
   Dr. S.V. Haas

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INTESTINAL PROBLEMS account for the second greatest number of hospital admissions; maternity cases are first. In fact, four out of ten people visiting their doctors are there because of gastrointestinal complaints: diarrhea, excess gas, loss of weight, excess mucus, cramping, blood loss, severe constipation. Not only are these disorders widespread, they exact a high toll in pain, suffering and expense.

BREAKING THE VICIOUS CYCLE, written by biochemist and cell biologist, Elaine Gottschall, is an extraordinary book and one of the first to address this problem with a practical approach for the general public as well as for the health professional. Based on extensive research and personal experience, Elaine is convinced that proper nutrition is often an alternative to heavy medication and surgery. Many diseases can be prevented, alleviated, or cured by nothing more than the correct diet.

In writing BREAKING THE VICIOUS CYCLE, Elaine Gottschall wanted to share what she has learned in the three decades since her four-year-old daughter was diagnosed as having severe, incurable ulcerative colitis. The book is a result of her uncharted odyssey to keep her child alive and stave off an ileostomy (surgical removal of the colon and replacement with an external bag).

is divided into several sections. The first explains how different carbohydrates (starches and sugars) affect the body, and how diet affects behavior and development. The Specific Carbohydrate Diet is introduced with an explanation of how it can prevent, alleviate, and cure gastrointestinal disorders. Included are The Celiac Story, The Brain Connection, and The Autism Connection chapters. The next part of the book contains recipes for appetizers, soups, salads and salad dressings, main dishes, breads and muffins, cookies, cakes, frostings and toppings, desserts, sweet treats, beverages, and milk preparations which are allowed on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. There is an Addendum titled The Mom and Dad Brigade.  This is a record of some of the inspiring and compassionate support offered by parents to others as they embark on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet Commitment. The book has an excellent glossary, a detailed appendix, an index, and is highly referenced for those who wish to read prime source material.